As I sit down and prepare to write this article, here in South Africa we are on day 29 of our very strict lockdown and social distancing. Unlike some countries, we are not allowed to exercise outside of our own homes at all. So there are very many frustrated surfers, especially here where we can see the ocean but have no access to it at all, habitual runners unable to hit the open road and cyclists missing out on their weekly energy expenditure off road and on. While some of us have gardens to at least enjoy some greenery and sunshine,

there are many spending these days in small shacks, no access to running water, packed 4-6 and even 8 people in one small room. I feel that we as a humanity have failed those less fortunate than us. Education and basic human rights should maybe be the INTENSE focus of ALL the powers that be as we move forward and the “managers” of all countries should address the struggles of the needy. Upliftment programs need to be a priority, not hand- outs…..this way education and self -pride can be sustained. This was definitely one of the main reasons I gave of my time to the Township Yogi Project, to not only offer Yoga tools but to help educate a few willing and passionate students and create wonderfully self -empowered teachers.

As an educational Studio, affiliated with Yoga Alliance Professionals based in the UK, we have permission for now, while the social distancing is being enforced, to take our 200 and 300 hour Yoga Teachings LIVE and Online. This by no means the course will have less standing professionally, due to the fact that it is still considered “hands on” and contact hours are still in place as per usual. It is important to maintain high standards of education even in challenging times. So while we are being Internationally Certified in this ONLINE manner, it is indeed a great opportunity for anyone living in any of the following countries :Europe, Uk, Ireland, Scotland, Africa or anywhere that the time zone is relatively close to ours here in SA, to take this unusual and unique offer to Study with us where the exchange rate is so very much in your favour.

While we adhere to the Yoga Alliance guidelines, maintain a high standard of education you will receive this high quality Training at the most affordable price EVER !

Our Course begins at end of May and costs only ZAR 21 000.00 (just google for your exchange rate).

The weekend dates and times for the course are as follows :

Fridays 6-8pm

Saturdays 7.30 to 16.00

Sundays 8 – 16.00

May 22, 23, 24…….. 29, 30, 31

June 12,13,14………19,20,21

July 10,11,12…….24,25,26

August 7,8,9…….21,22,23

September 11,12,13

October 2,3,4 ………EXAMS 30, 1st

10 weekends, part time and you will have turned your Passion into your Profession !

5% of each students course fee will go towards sponsorship for someone in need of financial assistance in our next training. Your love, commitment and passion will help ignite and uplift theirs into a reality too !

Making a BIG difference in small ways……

For more information,

In closing I would like to send heartfelt love and gratitude to everyone maintaining positivity in the face of this struggle and challenge. This is when the warriors really shine. It takes more effort to shine your light than to give into the darkness, be strong, brave and SHINE


Cheryl Lancellas

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