It was Jane Fonda that recently spoke about how many years we are now living, on average, more than our grandparents. It is averaged at an extra 34 years, that’s an entire extra adult life time added to our lifespan.

We have not yet fully grasped the meaning of this, still thinking in the old paradigm of the AGE ARCH. Birth, growth, peak, decline and die. However, these new facts bring about a whole new way of thinking about the last three decades of life, or as she refers to it, the 3rd act. The significance of this developmental phase is unfolding into a new thought provoking take on the aging process. It can be thought of as the staircase upwards into wisdom, wholeness and authenticity. It seems that the task of this 3rd act is to do just that, finish the task of finishing ourselves. Our human development has been studied, theorised and categorised over the last century. Psychology has placed certain phases into categories, times in our lives where we are best suited for certain growth both mentally and physically. However the theories and principles all end with the mid 60’3 to early 70’s. Not much has been documented about the final 3 decades more and more people are now experiencing. It becomes clear that these are fast becoming very meaningful decades. In order to know where we are going, it is always good to look back and see we you have been. Reflection helps you accept and wherever possible change your relationship with the past. All the experiences and adventures we have enjoyed or endured, these are not what makes us wise. It’s the reflection on them that helps us grow and become whole. Older women are the largest demographic in the world…..if we can go back and redefine ourselves, make ourselves whole, this will create a cultural shift in the world and it will give an example to younger generations so that they can re-conceive their own lifespan. The power is indeed now….now is the time to make the health changes, improve your lifestyles, eat healthy vibrant and simple foods, move daily, if its walking, cycling, yoga, dance etc….Movement is life ! So lets not settle into the rocking chairs with our crochet needles and wool just yet. Rock on and make the differences this world needs so desperately right now .

Here at Devahiti studio we offer Yoga and movement for the mature generation of 75 + years young. These sessions are safe, effective and lots of fun. Come try a class on a Monday or a Friday at 7am and see for yourselves….

Have a wonderful November and remember to keep both feet firmly on the ground during the windy season 🙂

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