Change the Body to Change the Mind


Change the Body to Change the Mind

Our non-invasive structural balancing addresses the body’s relationship not only to gravity but with life as a whole. We all know how our posture and muscular tension change in relation to our attitudes and behaviour patterns. This technique deals with the effects caused by physical, mental and emotional impact on the person as a whole. It is an integrative method and combined with intelligent changes of movement methods, is of great benefit in restoring our natural order.

Treatments consist of gentle, hands-on movements that address the releasing of the fascia which wraps around and supports the muscles, nerves, bones and organs. The structural body can then return back to a state of balance on its own, without any aggressive/ forceful manipulations.

How Does Manual Fascial Release Therapy Work?

We begin with an integrative fascial release, and then we apply Fascial Release Therapy techniques specific to your region of concern.

This involves a series of specific gentle rolling moves across the fascia. Fascia is the band of thin, fibrous connective tissue that wraps around and supports every structure in your body – muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, bones and organs.

Fascia plays an important role in maintaining the structural integrity of the body and in facilitating the movement of muscles and joints.

The gentle pressure and rolling movements on specific points of the body opens and release the ‘glued’ fascia to release tension and restore the proper alignment and function of the fascia, allows the body’s cells to re-hydrate, the lymphatic system to clear any toxins from the body and for the nervous system to re-calibrate.

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